By Maureen6002

Anemone in water

Last week I really thought I’d broken through the indecision barrier. I thought I’d reached the point where I’d stop the interminable dithering. But I was wrong ...

Today I get up knowing exactly what I’m going to blip. Mono Monday, Black and White Flowers (thanks to Trisharooni for hosting) - it’s going to be a daffodil shot. The sun even obliges by coming out to light my chosen subject beautifully. 

But of course, it’s not enough. Back in the house I pass my tulips and anemones. Should I try these? Of course, the answer’s yes, and as one of my gorgeous magenta anemones has drooped, I cut it short and place it in a cocktail glass - not the obvious receptacle I know. 

Even then, I just can’t stop. It’s out into the garden once again to blip my little irises ...... 

And so I end up with JUST TOO MUCH CHOICE! 

It’s the same in restaurants - remember them? I choose my meal is if it’s the last meal I will ever eat. I have to make the right choice, and it takes an age to decide. I even ask the waiter to leave me to the last, just to give me that bit longer. And inevitably, whatever choice that is, it’s arrival will be accompanied by food envy as I look across to whatever everyone else has chosen. 

So what’s it to be - daffodils, tulips, anemones, irises....... ? High key, low key......? In the end, it’s just a case of committing to one choice - so here it is: anemone in water ...... 

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