By Teasel

The Boys

Another day with some more purpose.  First was to make a Madeira cake, second was to  make a pot of soup, then there was pancake pressure, so I made another batch of pancakes.  He will get fed up of them soon, once he has had them too many times.  I was just saying to TT how relaxing it is to make pancakes.  Today I stood at the cooker making them while listing to Mark Strong’s Desert Island Discs.  In between there as even more washing (where does it all come from) and then I popped out to get some things for lunch.  I saw an interesting sight on my way home – a man still dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown, standing in his garden with a winter coat on top of his night attire and woolly hat, chanting and praying.  I mentioned to TT when I got home and he knew immediately who I was talking about as he had seen him some time ago.
After lunch, TT marched us up the Garleton’s.  While it was quite a nice day, it wasn’t very clear so there were no really good views today.  Once down from the hills, we spotted some lambs, but they were quite far away from us, so although ideal blip material, it was not to be.  Once home TT and I pooled our resources for tea and later I watched another episode of Bloodlands.
I’ve blipped this scene before, but I do like these trees that grow along the ridge – exposed high above the valley.

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