By Viewpoint


I wanted to photograph the thermostat again as this had both a significant impact on my early days of lockdown and it is also made of plastic.  I’ve continued to carry it around with me as Ive come down in the morning and then gone up to bed, but it’s less of an issue now that I can move more easily.

I’ve been trying to clear some space on my laptop this morning and finally worked out how to do something with Lightroom that I’d had a mental block about.  I’ve also worked out that I can rationalise my Lightroom catalogues and save heaps of space, but I’ve decided that’s a job for a morning when my brain is much less cloudy.  I’m always a bit sleepy after lunchtime.

It was good to say hello to Merv this morning, which I think reminded him he was going to take my car for a ride round the block and I published the  RPS Contemporary North journal I’ve been working on, on ISSUU this morning.  All done for another few months - I think there are  other volunteers for March and April.

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