A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Different view ...

of the Folly in Cottingley Woods where we started our walk this morning. The main path climbs up to pass it but we took the path below which shows up the huge rocks it is perched on.

The Ferrand's Folly or Harden Grange Folly was built to enhance the view from the Grange in the St Ives Estate by Benjamin Ferrand in 1796. 

As a girl I remember being able to see it as we passed on the main road on the way to school. The plantation trees that now form Cottingley Woods have hidden it from view for many years.
It’s not a favourite place as the woods are rather sterile but the rock formations are pretty impressive.

We then crossed the golf course, currently closed, and up Beckfoot Lane into the St Ives Estate itself. We called at the Ivy Kitchen for a takeaway coffee which we drank legally, deemed by our new Covid regulations, in the picnic area - all those other times this year have been illegal!

We saw and chatted to two Sheilas one of whom I took a moment or two to place but our common link was Pilates which we haven’t done for nearly a year now. Good to hear about our teacher Karen, who always made chocolate and jams etc as a side line and is now in a small business with her mother and sister in Arnside and online.  Somewhere to visit when we are allowed.
Came home through the village and resisted the queue for the cake shop!
Good to get out again before the forecast storm arrives!

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