By Teasel


Another day another dollar as the saying goes.  It has been a busy day which I have spent working very closely with a couple of colleagues to pull some tricky advice together.  Tricky because the goalposts keep changing. Anyway, we have a draft report which we have shared with our boss for her comments.  Not sure what she will say as we have had to completely change direction from what was agreed, but I am sure she understands that.  I fitted in short a before work walk, a short late afternoon walk and then an after tea walk.  My goodness it was windy tonight and by the time I got home it had started to rain and not long after that it just really wet and really wild. 
The FM has announced some slight easing of restrictions.  I’m not sure we will notice much difference.
No blips today, but luckily I have a vase of tulips which has provided me with a blip.

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