Heart, Anchor and Cross

I was surprised at how calm and bright it was this morning, given how wet and wild it was last night when I  went to bed last night.  My pre work walk was very pleasant.  Work was busy today.  One of  my poor colleagues spent all day trying to get logged into his laptop – all to no avail.  It seems to have developed somethings serious.  He was very stressed out about it, but we kept telling him to chill as there was absolutely nothing any of us could do – he was at the mercy of IT.
My day was very busy with lots of calls while juggling a few pieces of work.  I had no time for a lunchtime or an afternoon walk. Which meant I had a longer walk this evening, once the rain had stopped.
I was on tea tonight and BB was very complimentary as in his mind it was something “new” or “different”.  Not that new, not that different, but he was happy!!
We got an indication from school today of BB’s very limited return.  More information will come out later in the week.
I have always been intrigued by this heart motif.  I did a bit of googling and it may be something to do with the Independent Order of Good Templars.

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