By Beinghere

Elie Lighthouse

A day of false starts because of the weather, but we finally managed a walk at Ruby Bay at Elie.  At that point it was blue skies and sunshine so we had a lovely time and only saw two other people.  Perfect.  

Geordie had a great run around and came back every time he was called.
I took hold of his lead on his last recall when he had no idea we were turning to head back, so he didn`t have the chance to refuse.  

Home again to check out my photos, then I got up to date with all the paperwork, road tax, meter readings, ONS survey.  I say paperwork, but of, course it`s all done online.
Kate sent me another video of the baby moving.  It, or rather She looked as if she was turning somersaults in Kate`s belly.  Only 7 weeks to go.  The excitement is building.
Don helped me out over the phone with some camera queries.  Its a huge help that he works for Sony as a trainer on Digital Imaging.  He knows cameras inside out.  I use a Sony mirrorless camera which I love.
I just find the variety of functions mind-boggling at times.

Late afternoon we set out to walk around the town and almost managed home before the next shower.  While we were out I carried a handful of treats on Geordie`s side to dish out when needed.  It certainly keeps him focused on me.  I used to carry his treats in a small box in my bag, getting them out when needed, but this way means he pays far more attention.
Again I kept the sitting room blind tilted so he couldn`t see out.  it stops him getting over excited.  This is part of his emotional detox.
Already, because I am dishing out more treats and making it more fun, our indoor training of sits, downs, spin rounds, and stays is working well.  Last evening I was telling him to stay in the sitting room and going through to the bedroom or the kitchen and returning to find him in the same spot.  I`m trying to be much more animated and quick to reward.  And trying hard to keep the tone of my voice the same throughout.
When he goes out to the garden in the evening I put a long lead on him and go with him, which also prevents him from searching for cat poo. Bonus.
I think I went wrong with Geordie when I just presumed he was like every other dog I`ve had.  Training him the same way.  When it`s obvious now he has a totally different temperament.  
Thank you so much fellow blippers for all the support and encouragement you`ve given me with Geordie.  It`s not Geordie that needs to change, it`s both of us.  He wont change unless I do first.
We are a work in progress.

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