I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... collage type of day.

Today was another gorgeous day with lots of sunshine and nice warm temps ... snow melting weather!

I wanted to take advantage of this fine weather so I spent a good portion of the day outside ... both in the backyard and in the front yard. The black-capped chickadee and the squirrel pictures were taken in the back whilst I was enjoying the deck.  Later on I wandered into the front yard because Cheddar was sitting in the garden window and I wanted to get a picture of him also enjoying this beautiful weather.

Later on we grabbed some sandwiches and went up to Jacobsburg State Park for our first picnic of the year ... see our portraits in the bottom left.  

On the way home from Jacobsburg we saw a hot air balloon coming our way.  We took an exit off the highway so that we could get into a better postition for pictures even though it was getting dark by this time.  Incredibly the balloon went right over the top of us ... see extra!  It was amazing to be able to looking straight up into the balloon!  And when they fired the burner .... well that was simply a bonus.

My apologies if you are here looking for my picks for Silly Saturday.  This week has been a busy, anxiety filled one which I will explain tomorrow.  And that will have to wait as it's late Friday night that I'm posting this Wild Wednesday collage. 

Backblipped: March 12, 2021

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