By davidc

Food Porn: Oatcake

I don't often blip food porn but this one was too good to miss, as a follow-up to my MonoMonday blip this week.

If you saw that, you'll know that my Editor decided that she wanted to make some Macclesfield Oatcakes to take her back to her childhood there. Seemingly the "actual" recipe is secret but she did find a suitable one in an old Macclesfield magazine which she was recently looking through as she continues to sort through her late Mum's bits and pieces.

Monday's blip showed us receiving the "battery-powered" oatmeal which we had to buy on-line as none seemed available in local supermarkets (I loved blipper Carol-Dunham's comment that it was an example of "flour-power" - I wish we'd thought of that!).

Anyway, today was "The Day" to have oatcakes for breakfast so my Editor set to work, and of course the excitement had to be recorded on camera for posterity. Naturally she's modest about them, but they turned out very well indeed and we treated ourselves to some bacon and tomato to go with them (really special as our breakfasts are normally just cereal & toast). Mmmmh! Yummy.

There's some spare oatcakes so they'll go into the freezer to be enjoyed another day.

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