The Reservoirs of Lockdown Project

Sometime during one of the lockdowns last year we made a plan to visit all the reservoirs on the OS map which hangs on the wall of the landing. It's one of those bespoke ones you can get made. Stirling is in the middle rather than right on a join with a different map. There are lots of reservoirs and we then extended the project to any inland body of water big enough to feature.

Unfortunately the whole project has rather ground to a halt because the map includes three local authority areas in addition to Stirling (Falkirk, Clackmannan and Fife). Travel restrictions mean we mustn't travel outwith our own local authority area so there are lovely reservoirs on the map but unvisited and therefore unmarked by a ladybird. The ladybird stickers are part of the five year old's craft stash and came in handy for recording progress. We'll pick it up again when we can travel further afield.

Lovely extended chat with my friend in West Wales this morning. This afternoon sees a child friendly family zoom quiz. There are four teams scattered round the country and there are five rounds:

Round 1: Which Is Taller?

A multiple choice question with two answers.

Round 2: Find Something Beginning With...

Each team chooses a letter and the other teams race to find an object beginning with that letter.

Round 3: Which Is Heavier?

A multiple choice question with two answers.

Round 4: Guess The Animal

Each team makes an animal noise and the other teams guess what it is.

Round 5: What's Under The Tea Towel (Or Towel)

Each team shows a covered object and the other teams guess what it is.

Round 4 is going to be fun. What if we're all hyenas?

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