By LincolnWarrior

Happy Mothers' Day

The morning after my Jab and a lazy morning not feeling to bad just a very sore arm and aches. Late morning a trip to morrisons to get a few bits and some flowers for Mum. . I went to visit her and spend some time there with her. While I was there my Sister and her daughter rolled up with more flowers. My sister arranged them nicely in to vases . I was going to go for a walk but decided to blip the flowers and spend a bit more time with Mum. The roses My sister got have got a crystal on them to look like diamonds see extra .
Back home for an afternoon / evening of NRL Rugby League and now football. The vaccine looks to be catching up with me as I type starting to get flue like felling's now so paracetamol taken , and fingers crossed i can shake it off over night.  
Take care and stay safe everyone we are getting there 

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