By hazelh

Greenhouse construction

The latest addition to my garden is a small plastic greenhouse. I know that it won't be as durable as a 'proper' greenhouse, but I hope to keep it going as long as I can by taking good care of it. I'll probably take it down at the end of the summer and store it until this time next year again. My blip shows Mr hazelh helping with the construction of my new garden accessory.

As well as spending time in the garden today, I completed the updates on my journal article, then sent it to my co-author with the last couple of queries. She replied by return, so I should be able to confirm the final version tomorrow.

Over the weekend I have had a couple of phone calls with the lady who now owns the house in Malvern in which the subject of my secret recreational project lived (and died). I sent Jackie a postcard just after Christmas to tell her about Lorna's blipfoto journal, she read it, and then started her own investigations.

Jackie has provided me with some extra information about Lorna and her family: that Lorna's father sold his business in Sheffield in 1939, that they moved to Malvern in April of that year paying £725 for the house, that they had a servant called Freda, and that Lorna was recorded as having 'no occupation' in the 1939 Register (even though we know that she worked as a school mistress after leaving Cambridge). Jackie also has the longitude and latitude recorded for the death of Lorna's father who died at sea in 1959! I hope to meet Jackie in person when we eventually make it to Malvern (after two failed attempts in 2020).

Exercise today: strength training; gardening.

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