Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Dawn between the houses

Awake and up ridiculously and unnecessarily early. Annoying as I had to have an early start yesterday and will again tomorrow but today could have been a lazier affair. Hey ho.

The day is going to be sunny and mild. I'm looking forward to that. After my regular catch up with my friends scattered round Scotland, England and Wales I'm determined to get into the garden and do some forward planning. I'm trying to stop myself planting seeds till April.

I thought the blip tells a story. It's the sky at 05:30 as dawn approaches. The houses are mine on the left and my next door neighbour's on the right. They're quite close together though we each have a path down the side of the houses. We live right in the middle of town so having neighbours is one of the inevitable aspects. I like it - we have great neighbours and I would find living in isolation tricky.

I've been listening to the radio since just after 04:00. I've now heard reports of the horror in Mozambique four or five times. The contrast with a peaceful dawn in Stirling can hardly be overstated.

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