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Closed for business

It is chaos in Gezira today....

The village that is nestled on the edge of the river Nile, has become a desperate mass of micro buses, coaches, tuc tucs, motorbikes and cyclists, all trying to get to and from the Nile.
The problem? No benzine (Petrol) or diesel at the garage. Queues here everyday are a normal sight, as drivers park their buses at an angle, closing the road and preventing people from pushing in.

Drivers have been patient and have been reduced to going through this, before they can start work, for sometime now.
The reason? No one seems to know, as I understand this is just an issue in Luxor.

Another issue that resurfaced yesterday, has resulted in roads being closed at the temple of Hatchepsut, The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.
The owners of the shops in these sites simply cannot afford the rent. After 2 years, they don't know what else to do, as payments are due and papers are served for a one year jail sentence if payment is not made. In desperation, they are taking extreme measures, but apologise to all the tourists they are sending away. This is at the entrance of Hatchepsut Temple on the West Bank, Luxor.

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