Maintenance Work

Two different jobs going on at our house today.
One was the pigeon rebuilding her nest. I think the Magpies must have made a major mess of it, but I hope that's all they did. I really don't like Magpies but I suppose they have to live and feed their young too but it's usually at the expense of other birds.
The other one is a young fella me lad who I think is supposed to be standing on the bottom of the ladder to keep his father safe. Ethan, his father, is up the ladder repairing our guttering in four places. Before the winter we had an old chap with a huge vacuum device that had a very long metal pipe with a hooky bit at the top. Idea was that he should have sucked all the muck out of the guttering but in the process he appears to have dislodged some of the joints. The have been leaking all winter but I've only just got around to getting them repaired. If I had a longer ladder I could have done it myself but you know my record with ladders, Marlane wouldn't allow it anyway!
Apart from the guttering there was a hole underneath a ridge tile which they cemented up to make it secure. Wish I'd caught them doing that bit, it was right at the top of the roof, goodness knows how they did it, must have had another bit of ladder but I didn't see it. Did they crawl up the roof? must have done!

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