I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... she wasn't impressed.

Kiera wasn't all that impressed when I was putting this St. Patrick's Day hat on her .... but she didn't fight it either!  She was surprisingly very good about the whole thing ... even partially sleeping through some of our little photo shoot.   Cheddar on the other hand ...

Even though today was nearly as nice as it's been with very overcast skies I still took some time to sit on the back deck to photograph the squirrels and birds ... I've added an extra.  I've listed all the different birds in the tags ... starting with the beautiful Goldfinch in the upper left of the collage.  I was very excited to see the goldfinches starting to get their gorgeous Summer gold back! 

We are supposed to get lots of rain in the next couple of days so after supper we went over to Housenick Memorial Park for a short walk.  It was great being able to go for our walk after supper ... it was still light out thanks to now being on Daylight Saving Time! 

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