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By Diane2104

Vaccine Day!

Lockdown 3.0 Day #73

After the over 50's were invited for their first vaccine yesterday, I was straight onto the website before the text arrived booking myself in for my first jab next Monday, which was the soonest I could find without going many miles away. I was very pleased with myself as it was only a day after my husband who is in the next band up. However, when closing my tablet down last night, I noticed that I had not confirmed the appointments and of course, when I pressed the button to do so, the appointments were no longer available! Doh - what an idiot! 
Back to the beginning to look for another appointment resigning myself to a wait of about 10 days, but I was so surprised to see that there were appointments available for this morning in Warrington - only 15 minutes drive away. So that was my morning - a trip out to get my vaccine. So far so good as far as side effects go - I felt a bit cold earlier on this evening and had a bit of a headache, but a couple of paracetamol seemed to help. Fingers crossed that's as bad as it gets. 

This afternoon I planted up the final few seedlings and put in some more seeds - salad stuff this time - tomatoes, salad onions, lettuce and radish. That's it for a couple of weeks I think - until the cosmos and zinnias need to go in and the wildflowers at the end of the month. 

I think I might need to open a shop.... ;)

Finally we have a little bit of colour outside the patio doors - daffs, muscari and crocus with some tulips still to come. It's the fist time we've grown any bulbs so we are quite happy. 

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