By Stella2

Lunch on the beach

As I was collecting a shopping order from a supermarket in Sidmouth this afternoon we decided to take advantage of the journey and go for a walk while there.  It was a pleasant very calm day with the sun coming out.  We had a stroll through The Byes where we admired two magnificent Holme Oak trees while eating our lunch, see extra.  We hadn't been here during the latest lockdown so we headed for the promenade and the Connaught Gardens making the most of the opportunity.  There were so few people about which is of course very unusual.  Then it was off to the supermarket.

We had a short video call with our daughter and family later in the day and enjoyed listening to our grandson's attempts at saying banana as he was fed his banana yoghurt dessert.  In the past few days he has gone from taking a few tentative steps to taking 8 steps and now 15 steps in one go.  He is very pleased with himself.

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