The second half of life..

By twigs

Tomato chutney - here we come!

Shopping day today - I haven't been able to shop a 'real' shop whilst I've been away so today was always going to be enjoyable.  First stop - the poultry farm for a dozen eggs.  Just along the road then to the vege store where the prices were too good to resist.....broccoli, lettuce, kumara, strawberries, blueberries,  courgettes, beans, peppers, celery........and this 10 litre bucket of huge tomatoes which will become some delicious relish just as soon as I get myself organised. Yummm-eeeee!

Supermarket was my next call where I swear I spent more on Minnie than on myself!  Spoiled? Minnie?  Well, maybe just a little.

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