Another lovely day which started with a walk, then a really busy day at work.  I barely spoke to BB and TT all day.  By very late afternoon I had had enough and headed out for a walk to catch the last of the sunshine, but knew I had to  finish some stuff off and clear out my in box, otherwise Monday would be a nightmare.  I worked late, TT worked late and  BB had a DoE Zoom call and then asked me for some help, but by the time I was ready he had sorted himself out and I am sure impressed himself, as I was very impressed.  I then collapsed on the sofa and could hardly drag myself up the stairs to bed.  I was whacked!  I have been working from home for exactly one year.  I wonder how much longer?  We were delighted that two blue envelopes came through the door today – we thought it would be a while.
I walked the same route as yesterday, but just a little bit later.  I still managed to catch the sunset though.

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