Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

"If it LOOKS like a Duck~ ~ ~ "

Or in this case - if it looks like a Garlic, and tastes like a garlic - it probably is a Garlic.
I suppose, technically it is a weed; I mean, who wants garlic growing 5-6' away from the edge of what passes for lawn and is more honestly referred to as "Grass"?
Last year I decided to let the lawn go wild.  Consequently it was strimmed once at "Back-end". 
The purpose is two-fold:-
One  - it vastly reduces the time and energy spent on mowing.
Two - It will, hopefully, eventually, hopefully either get an influx of wild flowers OR it'll get some artificial help in the process.
So far there already was white clover, Buttercups, Germander Speedwell(?)  There is now a tiny clump of Snowdrops about 6' or 2 m  away from the edge and the nearest clump.  I'm not too sure about the Garlic Warlick though?  Unless my patch of Ramsons breaks ranks.

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