By Marionb

Spring Sunrise

Being the first day of spring, I thought I would welcome the season by watching the sun come up down at the beach. It seemed like a good plan as the day was going to be sunny and mild, and, as it was also the weekend, the trails and parks would be over-run with people later.  It turned out, for once, that my "best laid plan" actually was a good plan! It seems that not many folks are down there before daylight. Some, but not many. I shared the beach with Harold and Sal, two nice gentlemen photographers who introduced themselves to me and pointed out a third fellow further down the beach - a birdwatcher  - whom they they thought I should also meet. It was as if I was being invited into a rather exclusive little group who hang out there at sunrise?  Whatever, it was a lovely gesture and if I return another day, I have a feeling they will be there too. At that point, I will introduce myself to that third fellow. Perhaps these friendly gentlemen would not mind having their photos taken whilst they take photos?  Hmmmm A future blip? Always on the lookout....The morning was frosty, and a bit cold but indeed lovely; the sunrise was  colourful and worth getting up for..and I met new friends. About the cold..There was still ice. The marsh had acquired a thin icy layer overnight and anything near enough to the lake to be splashed by the water, was dripping icicles. (See extra for Jaws of Ice) It may not look like it, but spring is here! At last. 

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