Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Round the houses

Rather a drizzly day today, but I forced myself out for a walk around the local roads. Not the best for photography, but I rather liked this bright pot of polyanthus on someone's terrace wall. I've put an extra of a rather odd sign which I saw in a local window. The occupant spotted me before I'd taken the picture and opened his front door to see what was going on; as a result I was assaulted by a very friendly dog! I was unsure about the grammar of the sign - no, I didn't mention it! - but the man assured me that he had two dogs. Still rather unsure, but he happily agreed to let me record his sign! Had a few chats with neighbours similarly out for some fresh air. Met a man sweeping his steps and had a long chat about gardening. Generally a quiet day.

'Keep Oban Beautiful' has our usual 'Oban Spring Clean' this coming weekend, so there are emails and messages flying about everywhere. We cancelled the event last year, but we're going ahead this time, but without the usual central organisation. We're asking folk to do what they can to clean up their local areas while remembering the usual rules and advice about social distancing. 

Quote of the Day:

The answer to the litter problem is you!

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