By TrishaR

The Most Beautiful

In the absence of any photo taken today I found some old printed ones of puppy Breagha I thought would be good to do Tonight, which was before my blipping days started.

She is just 11 weeks old here and a right tearaway!  The garden was ruined as she would chew the daff heads and leap on to shrubs - a right crazy cocker.  

Before we could walk her on the road before her jags, for socialisation purposes I used to carry her in my arms to the top of the road just as the kids from the Academy were coming out for their lunch break.  Groups of girls would see us walking up the hill with Breagha in my arms and would run down the road to see her.  When the reached us it would be ‘awwwwww’ and then stroke her. She loved it!  I am sure this is why she forever associated awwwww with people wanting to clap her, as if we were walking and she heard this she would be right over to the person waiting for her clap!

She really was such a beauty.

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