...on a harp. I went for a walk in the hall while Tom was getting an ultrasound of his heart, & I spotted this harp inside an office. I poked my head into the room to ask the lady inside if I could take a photo of it, & she said of course. We had an interresting talk—she’s a music thanantologist—she works with people who are dying, using music for both distraction & to soothe & comfort both the patient & their families. She was very nice.
It’s been a very up & down 24 hours. Yesterday evening Tom went down for an ultrasound of his kidneys, as some of his lab results were elevating rapidly—tests related to kidney function. The ultrasound was normal, but the doctors weren’t sure of the cause of the elevations, so changed a few meds & fluids. The labs were better today, but now they’re doing an ultrasound of his heart to check his valves & the flow & pressure of the blood, as he has some congestion, which is not good. It’s like walking on a start leaning to one side & you need support for balance but then you start tipping in the opposite direction. And my sweet Tom doesn’t make a single complaint; just tells them to do what they need to do.

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