Bobble Head

A busy old day starting with a webinar from those fine people at Fraser of Allander. Starting that mega-superstar John Curtice. He knows, y'know. 
And then straight into my day with the wee one. Two trips to the beach. The second one being quite a success as she was able to scoop sand into a used yoghurt pot. Something she didn’t know how to do just a few hours previously. She’s set for life, now. 
Then another web thing - a presentation on the redevelopment of the Bowling Basin. No time to pause before the boysers show. And a good one ending with deep and learned discussion on China. Oh yes. I say learned, but of course it was just the usual half arsed anecdotery absorbed through life spilled out through a glass. Currently living the bachelor life, I’ve also been doing that thing that many men in my situation do. I’ve looked up lists of Bob Dylan albums and realised that some of them, and not just the awful ones, I really don’t know that well at all. Fancy that!  

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