By schorschi


Following on from yesterday's Blip, here is the repair envelope for the Tissot watch given in 6,917 days ago at Wittmann's Jewellery Shop in Landsberg. For some inexplicable reason I had given Angie's maiden surname "Horn" although we were married in 2001! And why her name anyway? Very strange.

The watch had been given to me by my first girlfriend, Annie, in 1975/6 neither of us can remember exactly when, whether Christmas or birthday. It came up in conversation in the last few weeks, the first conversation we have had since October 1976 (my belief) or July 1977 (her belief: we met briefly on the London Underground Central line somewhere between Paddington & Bond St when she jumped into a carriage I was in and apparently on my way to collect my wedding suit. I don't remember the event or perhaps had deliberately erased it).

Anyway it meant a lot to Annie and I have now contacted an authorised Tissot repair centre near home and will be taking it there on Friday along with some other clocks and watches, I can't for the life of me believe the armband can't be repaired or replaced. The automatic wind up seems to work fine but can't fully test it as it can't be worn.

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