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By HeidiAndDolly

Go Sweden! Go USA! Go GB!

In case no one has noticed, I have become a huge Cross-Country skiing fan! I blame Alice and her mum - my best blip-friends in Sweden - who introduced me to this sport a few years ago! Cross-Country skiing is only shown on cable TV here in the UK, which I don’t have, so I pay for an annual subscription to Eurosport just so I can watch it. On my smart TV. Every weekend from November to March I am glued to the TV for several hours watching every race. Sometimes during the Olympics and World Championships, or the Tour de Ski, there are races midweek too.

So for my birthday earlier this month, this amazing puzzle was one of my gifts from Alice and her mum! These are some of our favourite skiers. Clockwise from bottom left - Frida Karlsson and Ebba Andersson from Sweden, Jessie Diggins from the USA, and Andrew Musgrave (Mussie!) from Great Britain. In the middle is a picture of Alice and her mum - which was sent off to become a cardboard cutout to sit in the otherwise empty stands at the World Championships that took place a few weeks ago. You can read about it in their blips here and here.

I LOVED doing this fun puzzle! I finished it a few days ago but have left it out to enjoy for awhile before I start another one.

Skiing is over now for this season. It’s always a bit sad, but considering there’s been a pandemic we are very happy there WAS a season even though a few races got cancelled and it was strange with no spectators. Other than the cardboard variety!

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