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Communication Devices

Yesterday afternoon, about four hours after I reported the pothole in the lane we heard a noise outside. It was a vehicle, tipping some black gravel type stuff into the pothole. They had brought about a wheelbarrow load so had to go and get some more. I assumed, wrongly, that as they were there they would, temporarily, fill in all the other potholes, but they did not. Looking at their online map, the status of my pothole is “awaiting inspection” so hopefully they will look at all of them when the inspection takes place.
This morning our GP surgery telephoned to offer my husband his second vaccine. I asked if I could have mine at the same time. He left me on hold, but when he came back he said yes. We could have been vaccinated tomorrow afternoon, but as my belated Mother’s Day afternoon tea from Nicola and Simon is being delivered then that was not possible. We now have an appointment for Good Friday morning.
Today’s picture is of some communication devices. This is the topic for discussion for our next U3A Zoom meeting. I will be going out before the actual meeting so I will have some time to take pictures of train boards or signposts.
The temperature at GMT noon was eleven degrees Celsius, some sunshine, but also some heavy rain at times.

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