By Maureen6002

Blown Away

Together in a hot air balloon  high over the Mara. I’m blown away by the fact that this was five whole years ago! That was my 60th birthday and now it’s my 65th (how did that happen?). Five years gone in what seems like a flash. And yes, I know I’m also blowing the blip rules, but if you can’t do that on your birthday, just when can you? 

This is, of course, my second lockdown birthday, and, like last year, the sun is shining. I know G will make it as special as possible. There’s been a Bucks Fizz breakfast, flowers, presents and cards, and later we have a six course tasting menu collected from a local chef. There will be FaceTime and Zoom chats - and I’ve had my hair cut and coloured! The joys of living in Wales! 

But, of course, nothing can compare to having our little family all together. There we are, on the right side of the balloon. We’re at the back, then there’s Simon and Lloyd, and in the front, Daniel and Solveig. Daniel and Simon are our sons. Daniel, clearly not taking after his father in terms of romantic gestures, proposed to Solveig on this trip, secretly bringing a Clogiau gold engagement ring with him and getting down on one knee on a post safari beach. They married one year later. Not to be outdone, Lloyd and Simon got engaged a little later under the Northern Lights in Iceland! We were last all together at the end of August. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the next time. 

From tomorrow, here in Wales the Stay Local rule will be lifted! Now all we need is a Scottish victory, and this will be as perfect as a lockdown birthday could possibly be! 

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