Celandine Woods

Our Saturday walk in the North Downs area of outstanding natural beauty was marred by rubbish and traffic noise.

This lovely scene of celandine and woods is only yards from the roaring M20 which we could hear throughout the walk even when on the top of the Downs some 2 miles away. On top of the incessant row from the M20 there was more intrusive noise from traffic on Detling and Boxley Hills. And why do (some) motorbike engines make so much noise?

The particular stretch of the Pilgrims Way, (a long distance walking route to Canterbury) we walked today was a disgrace. There were many fly tipped dumps of litter and countless beer tins and bottles littered the verges. I’ve another three large fly tips to report. Parts of the walk were truly lovely, Boxley Church is a delight but blighted.

How is it that we’ve come to this? Our beautiful countryside besmirched by rubbish and a walk in the country accompanied by the all pervading roar of traffic. I know we depend on road transport but surely there must be other ways?

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