By rainie

Drifting Fog

Its been all go here from 7.30 this morning.  The builders, the plumbers, the floorers making one hell of a mess.  But progress has been made, the skirting boards have been removed, then the old damaged floor boards were removed.  The dishwasher and fridge moved from the kitchen, now pride of place in the middle of the lounge. the sideboard has been moved "sideways" (just my warped sense of humour). 
Ever so pleased to have this photo opportunity early this morning, and before the workmen arrived.  Taken from my door of the sea fog drifting through the gullies.  Amazingly, these trees seemed to be exempt from the fog, and within five minutes the fog was dispersing.  Lucky me.

Eleven years of continuous blipping  ticked over today, crazy how the years have moved along. Its only a few weeks ago I had my 4000th blip; two blipaniversarys seems a bit much in one month, but that is the way it falls.
My thanks to those wonderful and busy folk that keep this site running so well, to Joe Tree that started this journey, to all my blip pals from here there and everywhere an enormous thank you.  As I said last time, it is your friendship that makes me load a blip daily.  I'm not such a consistent commenter of late, but I value every star, heart and especially your comments.  
Kudos to everyone who makes this site so very special x


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