By Beinghere

Get up Mum or I’m moving House

Thank you for all your kind messages yesterday. I’m feeling much better today. I just felt as though I was wading through porridge and didn’t have any energy.
Although I had a slow start today we were in our favourite woods before lunchtime. I wrapped up warm since I could see it was windy, but as it turned out it was quite mild.
We only walked two miles but I knew that was enough because I planned to get started on gutting the shed in the afternoon.
Got home to a familiar sight. There he was sitting on the bird table. Although I’ve no idea why - there’s no birdseed.
The shed turned out to be quite a mess inside. Once I moved stuff I could see the extent of the damage. Practically anything that can be chewed by a rat has been chewed; plastic, carpet, dust sheets, wood.
I covered myself well and wore wellies and long waterproof gloves, and set about it.
Will hopefully get it finished tomorrow. Have found one hole so far, chewed through a wood panel on one side.
I wish I didn’t store so much in the shed, but I can’t get up the attic. Or maybe the answer is to stop storing so much stuff (for future use supposedly).

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