By Beinghere

Compulsory Cuddles

A visit from wee Maggie today. A real treat. Geordie was beside himself with excitement.
Then it was back to the shed, where I swept and scrubbed and disinfected. Everything that’s staying is back in place and I need to book a slot at the recycling centre to dump the rest. It turns out rats will chew anything but metal. They’ve even chewed the roller underneath the lawnmower, and the flex on the jet wash. Basically anything they could chew, they’ve chewed.
I’ve placed trays of poison underneath the shed, and set up the traps at the back and inside. I can only wait and see now.
I’m so tired I don’t know what to do with myself. I just did a silly thing which hasn’t helped the way I feel. I went out just to check the traps and when I closed the shed door it sometimes sticks at the bottom and I just kick it into place. Tonight I forgot I just had slippers on. Oh boy, does my big toe hurt now. So tired, daft and sore, but satisfied that the shed is cleaned out.

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