David J. Rose

By djrose007

4 Jobs, Kite and Selfie

What a gorgeous, warm, day today. Same tomorrow and then back to cool for the Easter weekend.
The 4 jobs are in the top photograph - the hedge was starting to look a little tatty with some long bits sticking out the top. While our neighbours were out, in one of their cars, I used the space to take the steps around and cut off the long bits on their side and then back around to do our side.
The other 3 are checking the two cars and the Harley for tyres, oil, other fluids, lights etc. Also polished the Hyundai with a waterless polish, after this photo was taken. I find it works well but doesn't last as long as proper polish, like Turtle Wax.
The other photos are someone with a kite taking advantage of the light wind and lovely sunshine during our early walk, and me! Guess who had a selfie stick/tripod delivered today  :-) Taking a selfie without a stick means you always have the extended arm in the photo!

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