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If asked I would have said that this is one of the Fritillaries, but I’m not sure.  I had several bulbs and this is the only one that flowers. (Probably Fritlllary Persica)

Taken with the 7Artisans. 35mm lens on my OM5 Mk2.  A really soft lens with lots of bokeh possible with the right kind of background.  It’s not recording it but I think the lens was wide open 0n F2 (but I began at 1.2 - it’s easy to adjust by mistake). A Glenys Garnett recommendation and so far I love it too.  So if you like this kind of effect mine was £110 from 7Artisans in Manchester.  Ordered yesterday and delivered today by our postie.  Postage included in price.  It wasn’t stuck in the Suez Canal as was suggested to me when I had ordered it.

Quite a productive day today - a follow up to say thank you for yesterday evenings Zoom talk by Andrea Hargreaves.  Merv came to take the top of the cherry tree - it’s looking a bit more scalped than if I’d have done it but I didn’t think it wise for me to go climbing ladders.  I’ve still some branches to get rid of, but the bin is full.  A long phone call from Sue, one of my camera club friends and then lunch in the sun.  A stunning day - blue sky and very warm and then I went out to begin to trim the grass which is literally grass and not a lawn.  I stopped when the battery ran out, which allowed me to strim the side that is mostly used as a footpath.  Then it was time to rest and for a catch up chat on Messenger.  I think it’s these chats that have kept me going and sane during this time.

Next - I’ve got some smoked salmon that my son brought last Friday so I’m going to do Salmon and scrambled egg.

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