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By HeidiAndDolly

Here She Goes AGAIN!!

Anyone who looked at my blips last year will know that I love camping!  Not just in my Campervan but also in a tent. I put up my tent in the garden several times last year during the first lockdown and later too in between my Campervan trips.

Those in the U.K. will possibly have seen the story of Max - an 11-year old boy who also was sleeping in a tent in his garden. He decided to do it to raise money for a hospice, and a few days turned into a whole year. He’s been featured on the news several times this last year and this weekend he completes his year. He was encouraging other kids to camp in their gardens to raise money for their favourite charity.

So I did what any sensible (!) middle-aged woman would do and decided to join the fun!  I quickly did a click and collect online order yesterday and picked up a new tent a little later. I got a new tent because my other tent would be no good for colder nights. We might be having a heat wave this week but the nights are cold!

So here it is - my new little home for this next week. I plan to camp in it right up until Easter. I am raising money for Yeldall Manor, a drug and alcohol rehab centre on Berkshire which was started by my parents over 40 years ago. In case anyone is interested in sponsoring my campout and making a donation, you can find my JustGiving page here. Donations accepted from around the world!

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