A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Day of Rest

With the mischief of the night before not such a distant memory, but instead a constant, dull throbbing behind the ears, Sunday was destined to be a rest day.

This was the view of Brewery Wharf from a footbridge just round the corner from our hotel. The warehouses sit along the River Aire, part of the Leeds/ Liverpool Canal. After a sturdying cooked breakfast & a refreshing & tasty bowl of fruit as chaser (no talk of drinking of any kind please), a stroll around the block & along the Canal provided the Stag & myself with a welcome bit of fresh air.

We checked out, said our goodbyes & then I began my journey back down South.

Napping, nodding off, kipping & sleeping made up a significant amount of my afternoon & evening. On waking from a real treat of an evening nap once back at the flat, Jenny presented me with a delicious Sunday roast of pork chops. I can't complain.

Now, back to normality.

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