By isbi

Grandparents Day and MonoMonday results.

After missing out last year due due to Covid it was wonderful to be able to attend Grandparents Day again.
It is certainly a popular event. The school hall was packed for the concert. So much so I put my mask on, although I think I was the only one who did.
The other grandparents came as well so there were four of us to spread between three children. It was made even easier by the fact that Adelaide and Henry are both in the same composite class.
Elizabeth is in high school now and sadly I think that means they are too big to have grandparents visit :-(
Hugh was very proud of some of the picture editing he has done so I hope you can see the thumbnail of him "umpiring" a cricket match in enough detail.

MonoMonday Results
It has been such a pleasure viewing the portraits in this week’s Mono Monday challenge.
As usual, choosing my favourites has been very difficult. In the end I have fallen back on the Wikipedia definition of "to display the likeness, personality and even the mood of the person”.

Hearts go to:
Loisbiz  for a delightful child
Anneli a beautiful portrait of her beloved
NickyR  a selfie of sorts showing such a fun personality
V1k1 a striking selfie
Kwdiane  Kate so at home in her environment

I could give out many more HMs but have narrowed it down to:

And HMs to all those courageous folk who posted a selfie. I was very impressed.
Thank you everyone who has supported the Blackheath Blippers’ MonoMonday in March and especially trisharooni, Beckett and PelorusJack for their assistance in hosting.

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