Life through the lens...

By ValC

Still going strong.

A sort of abstract for Thursday.
One of the flowers still going strong from my Mother’s Day bouquet.

This morning another visit to the Plastic Dressings clinic at Pinderfields Hospital.
Today I saw Sister Walker, who removed the three stitches on my forehead, and also cleaned up the end of my nose. She said all is healing well. I now have a much smaller dressing just to protect the graft as parts of it have not yet completely healed over.
( see extra)
Next appointment booked for a week tomorrow, when she said I would see a big improvement.
I can’t thank them all enough. So friendly, happy, and caring. Also so very gentle when dealing with a very sensitive part of my face.
I hope they all enjoy their 4 day Easter Holiday.

I must finish by saying how appalled we nave been by seeing the amount of litter which has been left at some parks in our area.
Just don’t understand the mentality of these people. I think the low temperatures this Easter may actually be a good thing.

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