Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

A perhaps unconventional method of repair I use for awkward items to be de-soldered and replaced from some circuit boards. In this case it's one of two HP laptops with broken power connectors. I don't like soldering around computer motherboards, and this design looks extremely fragile with that flimsy wee bit below the cut out slot. Rather than try and heat up all the damaged socket's connections together, I've basically cut out most of it and will remove those connections individually. Much less heat required, and consequently much less likely to warp or damage the board... I hope. 

The cut out pile of bits on the right. Will leave the soldering work for a day when I'm feeling a bit less tired, by which time, some ordered flux should have been delivered. That should help ease the process.

A very gentle cycle to and from work today, which was a struggle after yesterday's side effects from the vaccine jab on Saturday.

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