By dfb24


...todays' theme for MonoMonday, and thanks to random_angel for hosting. This glass is from a pattern called "Boopie" & was made by the Anchor Hocking Company from the 1950's until the 1970's. It has a distinctive row of marble-like beads going around the outer edge of the foot, or base. This one is the largest of the glasses they made in this pattern--7 inches tall. It's original purpose was for iced tea, but we use them for root beer floats or milk shakes. The company also made juice glasses, water glasses and sherbet glasses; over the years I've gotten quite a number of all the sizes & use these for my "everyday" glassware. It's frequently mistaken by collectors for a similar pattern called "Candlewick", which also has the circular "marble" shapes on its' pieces, but that's where the similarities end.  Many are the times when I asked that the price of a piece of Boopie be lowered as it was incorrectly marked as Candlewick. It never worked though, until the advent of the internet since now I can easily pull up a photo to show the difference.  
I almost turned my comments back on yesterday, but Tom has appointments every day this week, and most of next week, and I think it would just be too much right now. He had labs drawn this morning, and his hemoglobin and platelets have been holding steady, so no transfusions needed yet. He got himself dressed this morning without becoming short of breath, so that's a big improvement. Many thanks for all the stars and hearts you've been leaving. We feel the love!  :)

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