By iaint


Well, that's Monday been and gone. 

Work. At home. That's about it. 

I did have an interesting chat on the phone with the Boss, when I think I almost got him to express his true thoughts on the current leadership. Then he pulled back... 

We seldom discuss stuff like that because I do not like to put him on the spot. Anyway, he is now armed with the views of his 2nd 3rd best political adviser*. Again. Not that She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is in the slightest bit interested in what the grass roots thinks...

In the evening I had to go out for cash, milk, Parmesan and balsamic. Unusually for me, I made a few impulse buys too. 

Thatcher cider is always a bit risky - might stick in my throat. It was all they had. My hunch is they are doing it deliberately. 

* His partner is a local councillor, as is the Manager, so I have to accept their superior expertise.

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