Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


At first I thought there were 10, which would be a record for me in my photos of dog walkers   but I think it’s really 9 dogs seen on our walk by Lake Washington today on a beautiful day.   They were so well behaved.  Not sure about the human without mask.  (But it IS nice to see a face!)    A stop for a few groceries,  some reading for book club…(must have a blip about the interesting books later…)

Family news:  Today was Fiona’s first day in school in over a year.   Just when the news is reporting another surge in cases.   Will report after we talk tomorrow.   

And,…breaking news!… Nik has decided on a college where he has been invited to play basketball!  as well as get a good liberal arts education.    Good choice!   I think he’d really miss it if he couldn’t play this game a while longer, especially after this year off.      It’s Lewis and Clark, in Portland, not Gonzaga! (who we are about to watch win the NCAA tournament, fingers crossed.). ( they lost big!!)

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