Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Here He Is!

Desmond The Dragon.  (I've seen him called all sorts of names on certain sites, nearly all beginning with D.  So, I stuck with that.

I put off doing anything with him until this afternoon.

I tried various things to make his head more stable.  In the end I took him apart.

I try to avoid this if I can, because it's never easy to find the sewing stitches.

Anyway, I put more stuffing in, and put him back together, and I'm glad I did.  He looks so much better now.

Although, I'm not that happy with his eyes now!!  (No, I'm not going to re-do them).

He was supposed to have 10 teeth, but I didn't do them.  Made him look too much like a dinosaur.

He stands 16 inches tall (41cm).  So he's going to have to sit in a corner somewhere.

Isabella asked on Wednesday, if she could take him home.  So, I expect he will be leaving on Friday.

I think I'm going to miss him.  One day I'll make another one.  Maybe.

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