Keith B

By keibr

Getting in the Kilometers

Normally I try and walk my unambitious 5-10,000 steps in the forest, or along the small roads. However, you can achieve the same goal indoors too.
We needed some light bulbs, and something to eat, so we had a wander around in an "internationally well-known Swedish home furnishing store". It was very empty, which we were very happy about.
Once home we had a long call with the northern family. It was a while since we could get together so there was plenty to catch up on and before we knew it midnight had arrived in Sweden.
It had been a busy day before our indoor wandering and mostly you can read about it on Jan's blip.  It included picking up an older version of my non-functioning food mixer so I'll shortly be back in business with my mechanised bread mixing and kneading. I'll either find the fault on my first machine, or use the second machine. Either way I now have a good supply of spare parts!

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