Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Sliding down Memory Lane

What a miserable day! Wet and windy from the start. I was going to go down to try to get a haircut, but only three people are allowed in the shop at any one time and I wasn't going to stand in the street in this weather! I've waited so long that a few more days won't do any harm!
I made a start today on my slides. I'd sorted my old push-pull slide viewer out and put the first batch of slides in. The light came on, I saw the first slide and then it went off and I cannot get it to work. I've had to resort to my old one-at-a-time viewer which is probably not really any slower and I can check each slide for being the right way up before I slot it in. Those I want to keep for scanning go back in the slide box and as my Blip shows, I have two boxes for rejects - one for chucking out and one for keeping for someone else. I heard from this man on Facebook who would like any old slides which show anything historical, so into that box goes anything I think might be interesting, such as a load of pictures from Glasgow Transport Museum from 1967! I'll pass on all the slides I've scanned to him one day - I think he'll regret it!
Quote of the Day:
Leon Levinstein  -“I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.”

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