New reality day 255

Wonders of the nature: Lingonberry. After all those months covered with ice and snow, it still has green leaves when all that cover disappears.

I tried to start digging the ground in the greenhouse, but the ground is still frozen. So I have to wait.

I saw that my pomegranate that I planted form the seeds of the fruit that I ate in November, has made it's cotyledons this week. I think I have nearly 10 tree starts. I have no idea if they will survive in Finland, but I plan to find a pots in which they can be in the greenhouse during summer, and inside house during winter. I think I have to invest to special plant lights next autumn.

We are expecting a storm today. The wind is blowing so that if a pine near our house will fall, it will fall over our house. I hope that doesn't happen. It was around December when a pine hit our neighbors new fence and broke it down. The city still hasn't done anything to remove the fallen tree. It's on their territory.

First late shift today and tomorrow at the new job. After two very early mornings I wonder how on earth I'm gonna stay awake. This will definitely take some getting used to.

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