By ArcLight

Up town

Of course the news today was dominated by the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, so I thought a picture of the Edinburgh skyline appropriate to mark the day. And as noted earlier this week, we may not have this view for too much longer, once they get started on the building across the way. So we need to enjoy it whilst it is there.

A pleasing day of work, in which I finished off enough of the draft of a chapter to send it off to the people organising the book and an associated event. It’s pretty clear where the chapter is going, but I will need a couple of weeks to finish it. So it will be good to get some feedback at the workshop in a couple of weeks time to see what others think. I’m also finalising the response to my ‘critics’ in a book review symposium. A bit more work to do on that, and it will be able to go online next Monday.

Meanwhile, I also had a good session on the spinning bike, and took a walk to get Friday wine. We reheated the two curries we had this week - goat and duck - for dinner. Interesting mix (even if kept separate on the plate). On balance, on this occasion, the duck was better than the goat.

Tomorrow I have a short hair day. Huzzah. But as Mr A has to wait another week or so, I’m not allowed to make too much song and dance about it.... But just another 12 hours or so of pushing the damn stuff back behind my ears.

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