By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 100: back to the rain!

I had other plans for today's photo, but the weather scuppered them: it has rained steadily and increasingly heavily all day, so by the time I could get out late this afternoon, raindrops were really the only option. It's something of a return to my first few blips: it rained for most of January, so I had quite a lot of practice with raindrops. 

I've enjoyed these first hundred days, despite occasional poorly lit late night snaps, and the few minutes I snatch each day to get out into the garden or along the road and find a weed, twig or hillside to frame have become my peaceful and absorbed moments, a welcome change of focus in sometimes demanding days. In January I was still getting out for a reasonable number of local walks, providing somewhat more varied subjects; even this has become more difficult to schedule recently, though I hope only temporarily. I'm looking forward to venturing out into the world beyond my village in a few weeks' time, returning to photographing beaches, streets and buildings, and to bringing back at least some of J's care and support team, which will give me a little more time; but the thirteen months I have spent at home documenting my immediate surroundings have sharpened my observation and appreciation of the lovely surroundings in which I'm so fortunate to live, and my weed and raindrop photography is definitely more practised and confident! 

I particularly enjoy Blip's combination of photography and writing. There are far more interesting and beautiful journals than I ever have time to explore, and I often don't keep up with the relatively modest number I follow, but I love the fascinating glimpses into so many, varied lives and environments and the many inspiring photographs, and always appreciate the friendly encouragement and camaraderie.

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